Philadelphia InfraGard – Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is responsible for programs, events, and the legal, financial and other affairs of Philadelphia InfraGard.  All Board members serve two-year terms.  In addition, an FBI liaison provides guidance, coordination and logistical support.  


Chris A. Quintanilla


Kelly L. McKain-D’Andria

Vice President

Cerena Coughlin


Albert Wilson



Michael Bailey

Board Member

Brian Houy

Board Member

Anthony Mangeri

Board Member

Frank McGrail

Board Member

Aakash Taneja

Board Member

Michael Zimet

Board Member

Past Presidents

Past Presidents serve as non-voting members of the Board, in an advisory capacity

Austin Morris Jr.

Immediate Past President

Michael Batley

Board Advisor

Patrick Keating

Board Advisor

Donna L. Ross 

Board Advisor

Brian Schaeffer

Board Advisor

FBI Private Sector Coordinator

Jeffrey Hunter

Supervisory Special Agent, FBI Philadelphia Field Office