What is Membership?

InfraGard membership comes with great responsibility. We value active members who are willing to devote their time, effort and talent to accomplishing a worthwhile mission.

To maintain a level of trust within the membership, all applicants undergo a security risk assessment performed by the FBI; applications are screened according to defined criteria. Upon approval, members will have clearance for “Law Enforcement Sensitive/FOUO” information.

Please note that membership in InfraGard membership is for individuals, not organizations. Individuals working in the following capacities may find the greatest value in membership:

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to InfraGard’s secure web portal, featuring a comprehensive suite of threat intelligence products and daily news feeds from the FBI, DHS and other federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.
  • Chapter meetings featuring subject matter experts on timely topics.
  • Invitations to InfraGard seminars and conferences throughout the year.
  • FBI and other government agency presentations at member events.
  • Bring best practices to light and offer presentations to other members.
  • Work and exchange information with national, state and local law enforcement and other agencies.
  • Peer-to-peer collaboration and networking with other companies representing critical infrastructure.
  • Receive time-sensitive, infrastructure-related security information from government sources such as the FBI and DHS.
  • There is no cost to join.

Apply For Membership